Meet Linda! Our Vibrant SDR with a Passion for Spreading Positivity

Discover Linda's unique journey and fascinating story through her insightful interview.

Tell us who you are?

Hi! I'm Linda, and I'm originally from a charming town in Kosovo called Pozheran. Fun fact: Pozheran is actually where the first Albanian school in Kosovo was established way back in 1904! I've always felt a strong connection to my hometown's rich history and culture, and it's shaped a lot of who I am today.


What’s your Background and your Journey with EverLeaf?

It all began when my family moved to Germany when I was just a little toddler – we settled in Rheinland-Pfalz and spent a solid 15 years there. During my time in Germany, I completed my elementary school education and picked up a solid foundation in the German language, I became so immersed in the language that I now feel more comfortable expressing myself in German, even more than in my native Albanian.

But as much as we enjoyed our life in Germany, my family started missing our roots, culture, and the warmth of our folks back in Kosovo. So, we made the brave decision to head back home, and that's where I wrapped up my high school education studied in German language.

Fast forward a bit, and I've had quite the adventure in the business process outsourcing (BPO) field for a total of 11 years. I've worn many hats during my journey – from customer support to sales and even dabbling in recruiting expertise. One significant highlight was my venture into entrepreneurship. I started my own successful company, but it sadly had to close its doors due to the pandemic's unforeseen challenges. But hey, it's all about picking yourself up and moving forward, right?

What drew me to EverLeaf is its vibrant culture, something that resonates deeply with me. I've had experience working with a similar system before, and that's one big reason why I'm so thrilled to be a part of the EverLeaf team. I'm really excited about this new chapter and all the great things we can achieve together.

What’s your Day-to-Day Work and Responsibilities?

As a Sales Development Representative (SDR), my main focus is to make sure our awesome clients rock their sales game. I hunt down potential new clients and make sure they're on the road to success. I also team up with my colleagues to brainstorm smart strategies that actually work. It's a fun and exciting gig that keeps me busy and pumped!

Linda Working

What’s your favorite core value, why and how do you interpret this core value?

My favorite Core Value is FUN. Why? Because I'm all about positivity, and injecting good vibes into my daily routine is a must for me. It's like my secret sauce – I get a kick out of spreading laughter and smiles. Whether it's cracking a joke or just brightening someone's day, I truly believe that having fun creates a fantastic atmosphere. To me, it's all about turning work into a playground and making the journey enjoyable for everyone around. When we're having fun, we're not just working, we're making memories and building connections.

Tell us about your favorite EverLeaf moment/memory

It's got to be the day I met you, Vanesa, my work bestie. We clicked instantly and our shared laughter has created some of the best moments. From inside jokes to team triumphs, we've built memories that stick. It's like having a partner in crime, making the daily grind feel like an adventure. Those moments with you remind me that work is more than just tasks – it's about the people you share it with and the bonds you create.

Linda and Vanesa

Where’s your favorite spot in the office? – And why?

You know, my favorite spot in the office has to be my desk. It's like my little haven of productivity. I've got everything I need right there: my computer humming away, a cup of my favorite coffee. It's where I dive into projects, answer emails, and take on new challenges. Plus, the bonus is the view from my desk. When I glance out the window, I'm greeted by the bustling beauty of Prishtina, the city that holds so much energy and inspiration.

Linda Working

What are your Personal Interests and Hobbies?

When it comes to personal interests and hobbies, I've got a couple of exciting things I love to do. First off, I'm all about that adrenaline rush, so you'll often find me tearing up the track at go-karting – there's something exhilarating about those speedy turns and the wind in my hair.

On the flip side, I'm a bit of a green thumb too. Gardening is a hobby that really speaks to my soul. Whether it's nurturing plants from tiny seeds or getting my hands dirty while tending to my garden beds, there's a sense of tranquility and satisfaction that comes with watching life bloom and thrive. So, whether I'm racing around a track or getting my hands in the soil, you can bet I'm fully immersed in the moment and loving every bit of it.

What’s your Advice for Other Professionals?

My advice to fellow professionals is pretty simple yet powerful. First off, pour your heart into what you do. Passion is like the secret ingredient that can turn an ordinary job into something extraordinary. Secondly, approach every task like it's your grand finale. Imagine it's your last day on the job – that mindset can push you to give your absolute best, every single time. So, chase your passion and give it your all, and you'll find that every day becomes a chance to shine.

We're delighted to have Linda on board with us. Her strong work ethic and dedication are truly commendable, and we're fortunate to have her as a part of the EverLeaf team.

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