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1st & 2nd Level Customer Support

Telephone, Chat & E-Mail processing for customer request

At EverLeaf, we understand the importance of delivering outstanding customer support, which is why we offer a first-level support service through multiple channels including telephone, chat, and email.

Our team of dedicated support agents is available to assist customers in a prompt and courteous manner, providing answers to their questions and resolving their issues in a timely fashion.

With our telephone processing service, customers can speak directly to a support agent and receive the help they need quickly and efficiently, while our chat processing service allows customers to communicate with our support team in real-time for prompt assistance.

Our email processing service ensures that customers receive detailed and helpful responses to their inquiries, and our support team can escalate complex issues to higher-level support teams if necessary.

At EverLeaf, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and our first-level support service is designed to help you build stronger customer relationships and enhance your brand reputation.

SLA Solving

We understand that sometimes first-level support isn't enough to resolve complex issues or answer highly technical questions.

That's why we offer a second-level support service to provide more specialized assistance.

Our second-level support team can help you in a variety of ways. If we can't provide a solution directly, we will work to find a specialist in your field to help resolve your issue.

Additionally, we can train our employees based on your requests and your field, so that they can provide more tailored support to you in the future.

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Customer Success

Proactive support for existing customers

Our Customer Success service provides proactive support for your customers, ensuring long-term success!

A Customer Success Manager is a specially trained expert who works closely with your customers to understand their goals and offer individualized support. Through proactive assistance and data analysis, potential issues are identified early on, and opportunities for improved results are recognized.

Our highly skilled and dedicated Customer Success team focuses on building and maintaining long-term customer relationships while maximizing the success of each customer. This results in high satisfaction with your product or service and an increase in Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Our Customer Success Managers are valuable partners for your company.

Rely on our Customer Success service and benefit from our expertise in proactive customer care. Together, we will ensure the long-term success of your customers and strengthen your business.



Customer recovery

Retention refers to the process of winning back customers who have terminated your services or products.

The goal is to achieve high customer loyalty and build long-term business relationships.

Retention employees are specialized in this task and have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively win back your customers.

This is particularly important as acquiring new customers is typically more expensive than maintaining existing business relationships.The work of retention, employees generally involves contacting terminated customers, analyzing the reasons for termination, offering solutions and incentives, and negotiating contract terms.

Retention employees work closely with your customers to ensure that they are satisfied and continue to use your services.

Our employees are specialized in winning back your customers and have years of experience in this area. We offer our customers a reliable and effective solution to strengthen their customer loyalty and keep their business successful in the long term.

Contact us today to learn more about our retention service and how we can help you improve your customer relationships.

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Customer Onboarding

New Customer Onboarding

New Customer Onboarding is a service that aims to ensure a smooth and successful transition for new customers as they start using a company's product or service.

The onboarding process is critical to building strong relationships with customers and setting them up for long-term success.

The New Customer Onboarding service involves guiding customers through the entire onboarding process, from initial setup to using the product or service effectively.

The service typically includes several steps, such as:

1. Understanding the customer's needs and goals
2. Setting up the product or service
3. Providing training and support
4. Ensuring a successful launch

We understand the importance of providing a smooth onboarding experience for new customers. That's why we offer a New Customer Onboarding service that is tailored to the needs of each customer. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping new customers get up and running quickly, and to ensuring their long-term success. Contact us today to learn more about our New Customer Onboarding service and how we can help you achieve your goals.